Yelton Capital Network

Re-discount lines for consumer lenders and other specialty loans

We can source loans for growing consumer lenders who are not able to obtain adequate financing from traditional bank sources. Our contacts in the financing world enable us to make the right connections to help you grow your business.

There are now resources for smaller businesses that did not exist five years ago.  Merchant cash advances and other small business lending is available from a growing number of well capitalized specialty lenders. Yelton Capital Network can bring them all directly to you quickly and efficiently.  From $50,000 to $300,000, these short term, bridge type loans can get you over a tough spot in your cash collection cycle, help acquire a new business, or bring accounts payable current.

Revenue based financing can provide funding over and above any current secured loans you may have. These loans range from $100,000 to $2,500,000 or more and are based on your gross revenue, not profit or cash flow. The loans are repaid through ACH draws from your operating account. This is a great way to accelerate sales and profits.

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Yelton Capital Network is not a registered broker dealer, financial adviser, or member of FINRA.  Our organization does not provide tax, insurance, or investment advice.