Yelton Capital Network


  Lending in today's difficult market calls for careful analysis of not only a borrower or prospects cash flow and balance sheet, but a thorough understanding of the underlying collateral for the loan.

​  The current or working asset collateral can be particularly difficult to assess and monitor. This is where the pros at Yelton Capital come in. We offer a one day review and assessment of a new or existing customer and provide you with the salient facts to help you make the best credit decision.

​  Our services enable you to maximize your lending potential including:

  • Stronger working capital loan growth
  • A more diversified loan portfolio
  • More fee income
  • Better earnings
  • Cash management services revenue
  • Better credit decisions
  • Enhanced customer performance

​  Our skilled professionals do a thorough review which assists you in assessing:

  • Adequacy of collateral
  • Quality of collateral
  • Performance of collateral
  • Borrower’s general condition
  • Serious business issues
  • Risk of fraud

Our cost-effective one day Onsite Business Review will bring these issues and others into clear focus so that you can make prudent, profitable secured working capital loans with confidence!

Yelton Capital Network is not a registered broker dealer, financial adviser, or member of FINRA.  Our organization does not provide tax, insurance, or investment advice.