Yelton Capital Network

Yelton Capital Network's Managing Partner is veteran corporate and commercial lending professional

Barry D. Yelton.  With over forty years of credit, lending, marketing, and networking experience Mr. Yelton has literally thousands of resources nationwide to help you obtain the capital or financing you need.

professionalism . integrity . results

The professionals at Yelton Capital Network LLC have over one hundred years of experience in the corporate and commercial lending world. We have worked with thousands of companies and billions in loan requests, providing capital to companies from start ups to established middle market enterprises. Isn't this the kind of experience and expertise you want to put to work for your business?

Yelton Capital Network is not a registered broker dealer, financial adviser, or member of FINRA.  Our organization does not provide tax, insurance, or investment advice.

For sourcing commercial loans

The capital resource business has always needed!

Yelton Capital Network consists of an interconnected group of lenders and other financial professionals. Our function is to connect those seeking capital with those who provide it, in all its various forms.

We carefully assess each loan or capital request and then determine which of our hundreds of capital resources would be the best fit for each request.

Here is where you can take advantage of the resources of the most experienced corporate and commercial lenders in the nation, who have processed literally billions of dollars in loan requests.

Here you can utilize the vast resources and knowledge base of YCN to bypass frustrating and fruitless searches for capital!

Wouldn't it be great to access thousands of capital providers from your desktop?

Now you can. Yelton Capital Network brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the commercial lending world to aid and assist you in finding the right lending relationship.